Soweto Tour

The discovery of Gold in 1886 brought thousands of people from around the world to Soweto to seek their fortunes and for labour purposes. Most people lived near the Gold mines in compounds. In 1976 June 16, high school students in Soweto protested for better education and most of them lost thier lives in the struggle against Apartheid and better education. Now the 16th of June is called Youth Day which honours the young people who lost their lives in the struggle.

Visit the Apartheid museum

We visit to the Apartheid Museum. This highly rated and recommended museum is a must see. A visit will put into perspective the history of South Africa. 2-3 hours stop before or after the Soweto tour.

Hector Peterson Memorial

The now-famous image of a young man, holding a dying schoolboy in his arms, as his hysterical sister runs besides screaming, dominated the 25th anniversary commemoration Saturday of the Soweto Uprising, when South Africa's black youth challenged the white apartheid government. The events of June 16, 1976 marked a turning point in South Africa's political history and are now marked with a public holiday, Youth Day. (45 Minute Stop) 

Nelson Mandela Family House, Vilikazi Street

We drive past the Mandela Family House. We also visit Vilikazi Street, which is the only street in the world which houses 3 celebrities and 2 Nobel Prize winners. 

Regina Mundi Cathedral

Regina Mundi's renowned Black Madonna What started out as "church services" often ended up as political rallies. Funerals, points out Father Vusi Mazibuko, who has been pastor at the church for the past four years, were often political affairs. They started off at Regina Mundi and ended up at Avalon Cemetery. We stop here for a guided tour through the church. (25 Minute Stop) 

Mustwaledi Shanty Town

We take a 25 min guided tour through one of the suburbs in Soweto. We visit a Shabeen, a family house, a small shop and interact with the locals.

Tour Cost and Duration

Please send us an enquiry for cost and duration.


  • Nelson Mandela's house
  • Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu's house
  • Soccer City Stadium
  • Hector Peterson memorial and Museum
  • Freedom Square
  • Shanty Town
  • Regina Mundi Chruch

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